Pixels & Sweat

  1. (Source: upcyclistfos)

  2. finding your style is much harder than I thought. I should probably sketch daily.

  3. a good logo has to make a positive impact on peoples minds, make them remember your brand.

    Wisdom by Daniel Keller

  4. here’s another take on developing and sketching a new illustration style. going through different choices for eyes, mouth, noses, but they seem to work side-by-side too I guess.

    let me know what you think in the comment section.

  5. Spontaneous actions often lead to original stuff.

    Wisdom by Gert Van Duinen

  6. When I try something new it looks bad the first time, so I try it a second and third time until it works out and I’m satisfied!

    Wisdom of Daniel Keller

  7. Since I thought this current logo for my personal blog doesn’t satisfy me, I decided to create a custom typeface from scratch. First sketched and inked a concept, but for my surprise the first raw logo draft came out totally different.

    actually a nice side-effect is that I added subtile drops all over the typeface, wasn’t my intention at first. Follow me to stay informed about future projects!

  8. Welcome to my Gym

    Hello Everyone, if you landed here, you’re probably curious what I’m doing here. Well, I gonna tell ya right now.. I gonna post my design progress of what I’m working on, stories of things that happen in my life and other new personal projects. I’m so crazy.. I mean enthusiastic about design, that I breath & sweat pixels.

    Stay tuned if you want to see more of this workout plan!